VIDEO: Por diversión, pescadores cortan la cola a tiburón y lo dejan morir

Dos pescadores fueron acusados de maltrato animal, luego de que se grabaran cortando la cola de un tiburón, por diversión, en el mar de Groenlandia.

En el video se aprecia cómo los hombres navegan en un barco pesquero, uno de ellos toma la cola del tiburón, la corta y ambos ríen frente a la cámara. “Buena suerte cuando intentes nadar, bastardo”, dice un sujeto mientras el animal huye del lugar.

Las imágenes fueron compartidas por organizaciones dedicadas a salvar la vida marina, mismas que explicaron que esa especie vive de 300 a 500 años, están en peligro de extinción y la mutilación lo condenó a una muerte.

De acuerdo a la publicación en Instagram , ambos sujetos fueron despedidos de su trabajo, además podrían enfrentar una multa de miles de dólares por maltrato animal.

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⚠WARNING GRAPHIC IMAGES⚠ Please share this video far and wide and tag people who need to see it so EVERYONE can see what true ignorance looks like as these idiots are destroying our marine life ecosystem. Sadly, it’s this kind of senseless killing that will be the end of our marine life, environment and eventually our own species too unless we change RIGHT AWAY! It’s absolutely disgusting that 2 fishermen recorded and laughed as another cuts off the tail (caudal fin) of what looks like a Greenland Shark. One of the fisherman can be heard yelling “Good luck trying to swim, you bastard” while the other laughs as the mutilated #shark tries to escape. Greenland sharks are the longest living vertebrates on Earth, living between 300-500 years and are believed to have unique genes that could hold the secret to long life for us humans too. Unfortunately, they don’t reach breeding age until 150 years so their population is very low even without humans condemning them to death by cutting off their fins like you see in this video. It’s also speculated that their population is low because this shark species is fished for its liver oil in the Scandinavian region. Thankfully, these men were promptly fired from their jobs on board and it also seems that the men broke several laws and could face up to a million ISK (roughly $8,000) in fines on animal cruelty charges…but hardly enough for this horrific act that shows what we are doing to sharks all over the world which must be stopped through all of us spreading awareness that we won’t tolerate this kind of behavior anymore!Thanks for the video @oceanskeepers we must work together to help these poor creatures before it’s too late! #savethesharks #saveourseas #endanimalcruelty #savethereef

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